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Capitalize on the Daily $6.5 Trillion Dollar Per Day Markets


Technical Analysis

Technical analysis uses charting patterns and techniques to predict and react to the future of price movement.

Trading Tools

You will familiarize yourself with extremely advanced strategies and exclusive trading tools.


You will understand the important need of having the correct mindset prior to executing a successful trade.

Risk Management

Understanding the proper position of your trade and investment amount on the charts to make higher profits and mitigate your risk.

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis helps determine the relative economic data and value of the markets movement.

Weekly LIVE Training

LIVE weekly training from the worlds top educator twice a week. Also random pop-up zoom.

24/7 Access To  Academy

Access to over 32 training videos from beginners to advanced so you better can understand what actions to take in the journey to FOREX success.

Engulfing Traps Scanner

Engulfing Traps Scanner is a No Risk FX exclusive scanning tool. Scanner allows you to read the market and find the most optimal entry.

Let Us Direct You Into FOREX Success


Hussein Saeid

CEO & Founder

Hussein Saeid is well known for his personal trading success and also for teaching thousands of people how he was able to achieve and maintain massive success in the Forex industry. Hussein grew up in a lower middle class lifestyle and his goal has always been to make it out of the struggle and teach millions of people what's possible. With over 3 years of trading success, he is able to sustain a comfortable living for him and his family and now bring a simple, reliable education platform to the masses! True financial literacy is not taught to us while growing up, so thats why Hussein has dedicated his life to making sure that people in all walks of life can achieve success in the trading industry so that they can live their dream lifestyles!

Angel Oliverio

COO & Co-Founder

Angel Oliverio is well known for his marketing and creative success helping build dreams and lifestyle for thousands of people. Visionary in online technology over 22 years of online marketing, budget / cost analysis- project based, fiduciary responsibility, website and design analysis, audio video and photography editing analytics, upscale online / storefront owner, website process consultant. Angel's major goal is help others grow in financial freedom for each individual and their family's.


Anthony Effiom

"Trap King"

Anthony "The Trap king" is from Lagos Nigeria and he quickly found that there must be an easier way to be profitable in the fx market. Ever since he has been determined to help people become profitable in the Forex industry by teaching them the strategy he has created. He has helped hundreds of people become successful with the trap strategy this is why he is a highly sought after coach.

Hussein Saeid

"Philthy Pips"

Well known for creating his very own strategy on analyzing the markets, Hussein will be teaching you everything you NEED to know when it comes to being a consistently profitable trader. With many years experience in trading he has taken thousands of hours of knowledge and has cut the learning curve for traders by giving them the most accurate information.

Peter Shamoon

Well known for his very simplistic views on the markets. Peter mastered the art of profiting on market manipulation. He takes a very aggressive approach to the markets and breaks down exactly why he takes his position the way he does in a very simplistic manner. Peter trades mainly during the London session, which tends to be really volatile.

Tanner Atchison

Tanner is a highly experienced and well respected trader thanks to his consistency throughout his career. He likes to be very conservative with his approach and doesnt stay in the market for too long. Trapping the markets in his favor is his specialty and his priority is to make sure people are following the proper risk guidelines. He is adaptable to trade any time of day but prefers the early part of London session.